Annual Maintenance Program

Welding future?

In line with our direction of considering customer satisfaction as a major objective, we have thought of all services that could facilitate our customers operations’ and eliminate interruptions. Due to our continuous search, we were able to offer an annual maintenance membership program which provides customers with technical and operational advise at their job sights.

Though this program customers will insure that they will :
1 . Have an efficient technical team taking care of their problems.
2 . Save hiring specialized technicians and obtaining expensive testing tools.
3 . Receive technical advises and recommended preventive maintenance.
4 . Eliminate operational breakdowns and interruptions.
5 . Utilize the special prices of part offered to SAGCO by local agents.
6 . Save expensive repairs caused by not performing preventive maintenance.

Subscription fees depend on many considerations including number of equipment subscribing, models, sizes and location of equipment. Usually a representative will collect and review all necessary information and prepare quotation. If customer agrees, as it is mostly the case, a contract will be prepared and signed by both parties. 
This contract covers performing a periodical inspections of customers’ equipment and preparing a detailed technical report indicating its operational status. In addition, it will provide them with technical advises in order to maintain and increase their equipment’s life span. 
This is a new program that we have been one of the pioneers in with regards to the maintenance field, in fact only a few maintenance companies apply this program now.
We encourage all of you to join this program and enjoy its benefits.